In the past,

  • some users have paid for new features
  • some developers have added new features for hire

The LilyPond project does not organize such efforts; we neither endorse nor discourage such agreements. Any contracts between private individuals is the business of those individuals, not ours.


Any user wanting to offer money in exchange for work should bear in mind the following points:

  • LilyPond developers may advertise their services on the lilypond email lists from time to time.
  • Any agreements between private individuals should include the normal precautions when conducting business: who pays, how much do they pay, with what method of payment, and upon what set of conditions. We suggest that any ambiguity or uncertainty in these questions should be resolved before any work begins.

Interested developers

Here is a list of people who have expressed an interest in bounties. Note that the amount of work done by individuals varies quite a bit throughout the years. We do not guarantee that this list is up-to-date, nor do we guarantee that the people listed here have any ability. The only criteria is "XYZ asked to be listed on this page".

Looking at the git history is a good way to determine who the most active and experienced developers are. Statistics up to version 2.21.1:

overall historypast yearpast three months

Interested developers:

LilyPond developer list

Since no developer currently is listed for commercial development, your best bet is asking on the developer list.

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